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Playboy and Medium wrote about PVR

Playboy and Medium wrote about PVR

Playboy author Laura Bell writes an insightful piece on how VR porn is changing, both from a technological standpoint and model/viewer perspectives. Through the lens of a PVR shoot taking place right in front of her, Bell has the opportunity to draw upon our COO Anna Lee and CMO Ela Darling for their thoughts and expertise on the future of VR porn. If you love great writing, learning about sextech, and supporting women-driven content, this is the article for you! Check it out here: https://www.playboy.com/read/virtual-reality-pornography-is-ev

Medium writer Doug Elfman captures our CMO Ela Darling beautifully in this one-on-one interview. You can watch it in a video, or read an abbreviated edit, both available in the link below. Here, Darling tells us about her previous career as a librarian, how and why she got into porn, and of course the ever-evolving virtual reality side of porn. Check this piece out here: https://medium.com/@DouglasElfman/ela-darling-the-origin-story-of-a-librarian-pornstar-sex-dork-16c15b783009


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