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PVR IRIS VR Headset Reviews

PVR IRIS VR Headset Reviews

This week, we’re covering special reviews and features of PVR and the PVR IRIS. Several companies graciously highlighted our company in their articles and blog posts this week, read on to learn more!

First up, Nude-Gals Blog reviews our PVR IRIS! Offering an introduction to virtual reality porn and why you need to try it, Nude-Gals Blog moves on to explain why the PVR IRIS is the best techwear for the job. You can check out their post here: https://bit.ly/2SNO0pN

Next, Rachel Lubitz from Refinery29 consults porn stars on the best sex-proof makeup. Zeroing in on long-wearing foundations and lipsticks, you’re sure to stay sexy all night (or day!) with these tips from porn industry pros, including our CMO Ela Darling! Give these fun pieces a read here: https://r29.co/2GTPI1C & https://r29.co/2Ek11hG

Finally, VRPorn.com zeroes in on sex tech and reviews the PVR IRIS. Focusing in on the convenience and speciality aspects of our virtual reality headset, this VRPorn.com review does a great job of encompassing what the PVR IRIS has to offer. It’s available for you to read here: https://bit.ly/2XcE4EE

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