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Q: How do I access the videos on my IRIS?  

A: Its easy! Create a FREE account on PVR.FUN and bind your device to your account. Follow the Setup Guide to complete the process. Once bound you are now able to browse the PVR.FUN library and enjoy our free weekly VR videos. 

Q: Are there any pre-loaded virtual reality videos that come with the IRIS? 

A: No. Your IRIS does not come pre-loaded, however, simply bind your device to gain access to VR Videos on PVR.FUN. 

Q: Why don't I receive the verification code in my email box?

A: Make sure that you enter the correct email address when registering, and check both the inbox and spam box. If still not receive it, try another email address, better with gmail, yahoo, outlook or hotmail.

Q: Why should I download the videos in MY LIBRARY section of the IRIS before I watch them?  

A: To enjoy our Virtual Reality Videos at their best resolution and full length, these videos must be downloaded.  

Q: What privileges do PVR.FUN members have? 

A: With every purchase of an IRIS VR Headset you will get one FREE Virtual Reality Video per week for a year on PVR.FUN. That’s 52 FREE VR Videos in a year! Sign up now and you will also receive a $5 Registration Bonus and 1 Free Welcome Video, simply by becoming a member! 

QWhat happens when my free subscription membership ends? 

A: You will no longer have access to the free weekly videos, but your PVR.FUN account is still active and you can buy videos and download to IRIS.

Q: I want to unbind my IRIS, how do I do it and what happens if I do? 

A: Go to PVR.FUN and click Device in User Center. Find the UNBINDING link and click it. Once the device is unbound, your membership to PVR.FUN will be suspended, your device will lose access to PVR videos, and you will be unable to watch the videos you have bought on PVR.FUN

Q: Can I save videos that I have downloaded to my IRIS onto a SD card and play these videos on another VR Headset? 

A: No. PVR videos are encrypted in a special format as form of copyright protection and can only be played on IRIS. These videos will NOT work on any other Virtual Reality Devices. 

Q: Can I download VR Videos from other websites or platforms to an SD card and play them on my IRIS? 

A: Yes, but in order for these videos to play properly on you IRIS, they must be trans-coded first. Transcoding instructions can be found HERE. 

Q: Can I purchase VR Content directly from my IRIS? 

A: Currently you can not buy virtual reality content directly from your IRIS. VR content should be purchased from PVR.FUN. Once your IRIS is bound to PVR.FUN, any purchases made on the site will be automatically synchronized to the MY LIBRARY section of your IRIS

Q: If I return the device within the membership period, can I bind another new IRIS device to my existing account? And will the membership period recount? 

A: You can bind another new IRIS device to your existing account only when the former device gets unbound. And once a new IRIS device is bound, your membership period will recount. 

Q: How many free weekly VR Videos do I get on PVR.FUN? 

A: As a member of PVR.FUN you will receive 52 free weekly VR Videos. That is one year’s worth of FREE VR Content each week. On the first anniversary of the creation of your account, you will no longer have access to the free weekly videos however, you will still have access to PVR.FUN’s library as well as any VR Videos you may have previously purchased.  

Q: What videos formats are compatible with the IRIS? 

A: MP4, 3D LR, 180°video formats are acceptable. 

Q: Approximately how many VR Videos can the IRIS save in its internal memory and does it support external SD cards?

 A: Approximately 4 videos or about 80 minutes worth of VR Content can be stored in the IRIS internal memory. Yes the IRIS VR Headset supports external SD cards. We recommend using Micro SD card (Class 10, UHS-III, read speed 100mb/s, write speed 60mb/s) with exFat file format for external storage and to provide the best viewing experience.