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PVR started with a vision: to create the perfect Virtual Reality headset tailored to adult consumers who value privacy, quality, and ease of use. 

To share that product with the world, we assembled an expert team of professionals to help us bring this device to the mainstream. We're proud to have industry leaders with years of experience in the VR industry directing our company, including Anna Lee, a visionary and world-renowned producer of some of the most compelling and arousing videos in the VR space, and Ela Darling, a pioneer in the field of adult VR who helped create the first live VR webcam platform, thus becoming the world's first VR camgirl. The team also consists of the technology elites from Intel, NVidia, HTC, and 2K Games. With the crossover competence, we have established cutting-edge solutions for the VR and Adult industries.

Unsatisfied with the complex processes involved in selecting and viewing excellent VR content geared towards a mature audience, we set out on a mission: 

-to make a device that would be simple to use so you don't need a background in technology or a costly computer upgrade to enjoy it

-to aggregate some of the best VR videos and engaging content made by the best producers in the market, so you don't have to undergo the costly and time consuming processes of vetting every new site yourself 

-and to create a streamlined process that makes acquiring content and viewing it in VR as easy as a few clicks. No side-loading, no complicated file transfer process, just fast, easy, private vr for your eyes only.

We’re a constantly growing company; we continue to bring new VR production companies onto our site and we're constantly exploring other ways in which we can make your most intimate moments in VR even more immersive, transportative, and thrilling. We can't wait to share the next steps of our vision with you!