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Round-up of exciting 2018

Round-up of exciting 2018

Welcome to the PVR Blog! This week we’re bringing you a round-up of exciting 2018 media releases with PVR.

First up: This past summer, Ela Darling joined our team as the Chief Marketing Officer! XBIZ covers the exciting news here: https://bit.ly/2EN6MoN. Come learn how PVR and Darling teamed up to become an unstoppable duo in sex tech!

Next: For fall, PVR was an official sponsor of the first ever PornHub Awards! Our very own Ela Darling was the red carpet host, while a 360/3D virtual reality broadcast of the event was presented by PVR. AVN reports more on how the inaugural show and our company partnered up here: https://bit.ly/2CCyJyl

Last, but definitely not least: Our virtual reality headset, the PVR IRIS, was a hit this holiday season! The Daily Mirror covers why our exclusively adult VR headset is the best on the market: https://bit.ly/2QRBUe7

PVR has had an exciting 2018, and we look forward to expanding our brand and user experience in the new year. You can keep up with the latest PVR happenings on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram at: @PVR_FUN


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